TipTop Builders

Tip Top... A builder who knows your neighborhood.

For over 40 years, our core competency has been the rehabilitation, renovation and maintenance of Gold Coast homes and the satisfaction of their owners.

We know you have choices. And hopefully, any builder qualified to take on your project is capable of good work. But there are three important considerations that differentiate Tip Top from the rest. Consider them as you shop for a builder.

Respect for our clients

Tip Top Builders works only by referral. Every Tip Top client was referred by another Tip Top client. Every, single, one. We take great pains to respect our client's anonymity, they return the favor by referring others in need of our services. We've never betrayed our client's privacy wishes, and we never will. We don't even advertise. Our clients are our best source of business and we respect their desire to receive the best work in the least amount of time at the best price – while always honoring their privacy.


The Gold Coast is the epitome of prestige, elegance and convenience. But a myriad of renovations in Gold Coast buildings over many years have rendered some of the mechanical systems almost impossible to decipher - unless you have in-depth knowledge of the building. Tip Top does. We've worked in every Gold Coast building many times. We know the systems, the elevators, the bearing walls, even the parking difficulties. Our deep knowledge means no surprises, fewer errors, faster completion and less expense. We're unique - we specialize in the Gold Coast.


At Tip Top, we regard the completion of your project as the beginning or our builder/client relationship - not the end. Remember, we work only by referral. Client satisfaction drives our business model, and our future.


PHONE: 847.679.5010 FAX: 847.679.0125

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