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Tip Top History

Over 50 years ago, Richard Dardick started a remodeling business in the Chicago area with two partners. As often happens in partnerships, things did not go well. His partners didn't live up to his standards and weren't completing work he wanted associated with the Dardick name.

Richard soon left the partnership, started his own business... and set about making good the "sub-standard" work that had been done by his partners. Richard was very particular about his work; it had to be the best he could produce. Over time, Richard made good on all the work his partners had done, and the power of referrals from those satisfied, and surprised clients helped Richard build his business, Tip Top Builders, into the impressive and respected construction business you are now considering.

Today, Howard Dardick, Richard's son, runs the company. And since the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Tip Top still strives to produce perfect work for each client who trusts us enough to hire us.

In addition to Tip Top Builder's reputation for integrity, our name is sterling because of our discretion. Tip Top clients are high-profile people and we respect their desire and need for privacy. We never use their names or pictures of their homes or businesses without permission. Our residential business is all referral, and it always will be.

Thank-you for considering Tip Top Builders for your project.




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